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What we do best

We opened business in mid-2016 and decided to concentrate on what we do best: assistance in the fields of Portuguese Tax and Customs Law.

Within these fields we have accumulated work experience. In VAT & Indirect Taxes we are referred as leading professionals in the Portuguese market.

Our preferential matters demand us to be on top of our game, aware of the multiple changes of the Tax and Customs law, latest administrative rulings, public court decisions, compliance formalities and market practice.

Our services at a glance

  • Advisory on tax & customs;
  • Dispute resolutions;
  • Outline of defence strategies before additional assessments;
  • Support of tax refund and reimbursement requests;
  • Analysis of the tax impact of a given operation;
  • Guidance on key compliance obligations and invoicing rules;
  • Representation in dealings with the Portuguese tax authorities and before the tax courts;
  • Guidance with import and export controls.

Clients of all sizes

We advise both small and large companies, non-profit entities and private individuals.

We also advise law firms, tax consultants and custom agents seeking Tax and Customs counsel and/or legal representation for their clients. The outcome has been very positive with everlasting and growing relationships.

Our goal

To help you navigate the Portuguese Tax and Customs Law, identify the Tax or Customs impact of a given operation, and enable you, at the end, to make an informed decision in light of Portuguese law and market practice.


We are restless lawyers and tax advisors who do not settle to dogmas. We believe in challenging ourselves and the public authorities to improve the Portuguese Tax and Customs system. You can count on us for true advocacy.

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